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The world of data.
It's management, analysis and acquisition.

  • T-SQL
    Microsoft's proprietary dialect of the SQL language.
  • PL/SQL
    PL/SQL is Oracle's powerful proprietary SQL programming dialect.
  • PostgressSQL
    This is the dialect of SQL developed by the open-source community for the Postgress database management system. It has most of the features that are available in PL/SQL.

Big Data

Special databases
  • ORD
    ORD (Object-Reltional Database System) is an Object-oriented Database Management base in C++.
  • KDB+
    This is a terse data query language, which trades readability for speed. It lends itself to obfuscation of meaning and the opportunity to trade developer performance for lock-in. There are few languages, like KDB+ and its functional counterpart K for making one indispensable.
  • Raima Database Manager (RDM)
    This is a very fast system because it runs "close to the metal", i.e. with few "virtual machines" or intermediate structure, and is managed if C and C++. It therefore enourages self-documented code.